The latest episode of the Marvel series, The Gifted has finally aired and this time, they’re brainstorming to get Reed Strucker and Lorna Dane, also known as Polaris, out of the Sentinel Services’ clutch. The two are currently being detained to force them into turning against the mutants hiding in an underground organization.

“The Gifted” is a new Marvel series that adapted the characters from the “X-Men” series, and its story is connected to the film series. The show takes place in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have disappeared, and the mutants are being discriminated and even hunted by the rest of the world.

The fallen mutants

“The Gifted” episode 4 titled “eXit Strategy,” focused on the mutants’ attempt to save Reed Strucker and Polaris. However, before the Fox Series delved into the present situation, the new episode revisited an awful past.

Two years ago, Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Eclipse (Marcos Diaz), Polaris, and another mutant called Gus/Pulse attempted to save some mutants who were being held at a mutant relocation facility. This so-called facility was just a façade that hid its true purpose.

However, the Sentinel Services intercepted them, and they were only able to save one. In their attempt to flee, Gus volunteered to stay behind and disarm the enemies with his mutant abilities, but things went sour when he got shot.

It’s uncertain if Gus was actually killed, but the underground community revealed that they lost six mutants that day. Because of what happened two years ago, some mutants hesitated to help save Polaris and Reed.

Eclipse’s past and the strategy

The mutants were able to come up with a plan to save Polaris and Reed, but they needed to get their hands on the route details.

Apparently, the two were set to be moved to an ultra-secure facility, and the only chance to save them was to intercept them in transit.

Eclipse volunteered to get the route details by going back to his past, which was the cartel. He visited the cartel and got the information on the route in exchange for a dangerous favor.

The cartel’s new leader, Carmen, happened to be his former lover and she coaxed him into using his powers to torture a member of the cartel.

While Eclipse was trying to get his hands on the route plans, the Strucker siblings made progress with their skills and practiced a technique that combined their powers.

With their combined powers, siblings Andy Strucker and Lauren Strucker helped the other mutants with their exit strategy. The two were able to immobilize the bus that had Reed and Polaris in it, but there were too many guards, and their plan took an unexpected turn.

An enemy mutant named Pulse who was working for the Sentinel Services suddenly appeared and nullified the other mutants’ powers. The unexpected development forced Caitlin Strucker to let her children flee and got left behind to save her husband.