The third episode of “The Gifted” ended with Blink (Jamie Chung) being healed after using her powers too much to save her fellow mutants. Meanwhile, FOX network recently revealed new promo and sneak peek for the upcoming Episode 4.

According to, the upcoming episode entitled “exit strategy” will show how mutants are going to fight against Sentinel Services. They will devise a plan to defeat these agents who seek to destroy the Mutant Underground. Viewers will soon see whether this plan succeeds or not. On the other hand, Marco Diaz (Sean Teale) aka Eclipse will meet an old friend from his dark past to get some useful information that could help their situation.

The Strucker children, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White), are also doing their best to help the group.

Welcome, Pulse!

Screen Rant reports that episode 4 marks the entrance of a mutant named Pulse. Zach Roerig, known for his work in “The Vampire Diaries,” will play the mutant role. Pulse has the ability to disable other mutant’s abilities, along with psychic interference and technological aspects. At the moment, it remains a mystery whether he sides with Sentinel Services or not.

However, based on the trailer, mutants’ plan might not work because of Pulse. While trying to save Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) and Lorna (Emma Dumont) aka Polaris, their powers suddenly became unusable.

Moreover, Pulse originally appeared in X-Men Comics after M-Day. It was an event where several mutants lost their powers.

The latter source also revealed that he has a connection to a major X-Men role Mystique. She actually used Pulse to cause discord to X-Men, between Rogue and Gambit. In addition, the “old friend” mentioned in the synopsis is reportedly him.

Since his connection to Eclipse cannot be considered good, this could bring danger to the Mutant Ground leader.

Episode 5

The fifth episode will see Agent Jace Turner (Coby Bell) doing all that he can to find Mutant Underground Way Station. He was obviously motivated by a tragic event from the past where his kid had to die due to an impact from a mutant.

Whether it was a good or bad X-gene carrier, he does not care. Agent Turner is out to put them all behind bars.

A confrontation will also happen between Blink and Dreamer (Elena Satine) in Episode 5 as well. In the previous episode, Dreamer gave her memories with John Proudstar (Blair Redford) aka Thunderbird to Blink. This is to motivate Blink in saving John, but it seems like complications will emerge ahead. Furthermore, watch “The Gifted” episode 4 on Monday, October 23.