“The Flash” Season 4 arrives this week and viewers will see how team Flash can cope up without Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). It can be recalled that the scarlet speedster decided to sacrifice himself into the speed force. This is not only to save the people he loves but also to keep the Central City safe.

Entering the speed force would be another storyline for other shows. However, “The Flash” has already rewritten the history through Flashpoint. We do not know much information yet whether his life inside another realm will be featured or not. Instead, executive producers have confirmed the upcoming season will focus on Iris West’s (Candice Patton) leadership.

Episode 1

According to Fan Sided, viewers will potentially witness the return of Flash on Tuesday. The official synopsis for the Season 4 premiere suggests that he won’t be himself once he returns from the speed force. In an interview with TV Guide, Todd Helbing said, “When we start the first episode, he's been gone for six months. When he comes out, he is not quite the same Barry that you saw go in.”

Aside from this, Helbing also shared that Allen got the chance to deal with the baggage he is carrying since Season 1. Especially with the recently ended Season 3, Allen and team flash were all stressed out to find ways to save Iris from Savitar. On a brighter note, Helbing added that viewers would witness the fun again.

Flash has so many regrets over the years as a speedster.

Now that he can let go of all the burdens, Barry will return as change man, loving to be a speedster again. There will be lots of fun scenarios, jokes, and everything that lightens up the mood compared to the previous seasons.

Team Flash reacts to Barry’s return

As mentioned earlier, Barry will love to be the Flash again.

Therefore, he would be glad to deal with all the villains in Central City. Unfortunately, he has been out for six months. During those times, Cisco Ramon a.k.a. Vibe (Carlos Valdes), Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Iris have been working as a unit. Flash, stepping into his leadership role again, won’t be a smooth transition.

Furthermore, several things are set to happen again in Barry’s relationship with Iris. They were engaged when Barry entered into the Speed Force. His comeback won’t mend all the pain that his fiancée felt overnight. Viewers will see how they work things out before saying “I do” in “The Flash” Season 4.