San Diego Comic-con International is indeed the right place for fans that desire more spoilers and updates from their favorite The CW series. While SDCC 2017 featured the panel of “The Flash” Season 4, there is no doubt the event made everyone noticeably satisfied through one significant person: Danielle Panabaker.

One of the topics that caught the attention of the con-goers is Caitlin Snow’s future. She is the character portrayed by no other than, Danielle Panabaker. Meanwhile, it can be recalled that Julian Dorn (Tom Felton) successfully created a cure to terminate Snow’s meta-human powers in season 3.

Snow has seemingly returned to her old self in the recent trailer for season 4. The main question is, “Did she take the cure?”

What happens to Caitlin Snow in ‘The Flash’ season 4?

One thing is definite when it comes to the role of Panabaker: she hated and despised the thought of being the Killer-frost. Unfortunately, she turned into one after Julian Dorn removed the necklace that blocks her meta-human transformation. In result, she became a villain and even worked alongside the big bad Savitar.

In the finale, it is fortunate that Killer-frost chose to side with Team Flash even in her villainous form. From there, it is undeniable that her Caitlin Snow instinct was triggered when Cisco Ramon’s (Carlos Valdes) life was at stake.

Of course, this is not surprising as they were known best of friends.

Moreover, this also gave viewers a hint: there is a chance in controlling herself from Killer-frost to Caitlin Snow and vice versa. During the panel, executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing were able to reveal that fans will not be disappointed with Caitlin Snow.

According to Entertainment Weekly, options are either Caitlin has already taken the cure (due to her having a black hair again!) or she is probably donning a wig to hide her identity.

Theory: Caitlin Snow remains as Killer-frost

In the trailer, she was using the cold gun to fight Central City invaders. Yes, she is back at S.T.A.R.

Labs! Viewers all know that the only person who uses the cold gun is Captain Cold and he died in a different timeline with the Legends.

It won’t make sense if Team Flash obtains the equipment from him. On a brighter note, it is possible to create a new cold gun as the inventor of the said equipment is the only engineering genius: Cisco Ramon.

However, it takes a giant power source to create a new one. There is a possibility that Caitlin Snow still possessed her meta-human powers to activate the cold gun. Therefore, Snow will potentially learn to control her powers in “The Flash” season 4.