Barry Allen is a different person when “The FlashSeason 4 opens. His time in the Speed Force allowed him to atone for all the mistakes he made and leave all his excess baggage behind. So when he returns home, he is more positive and accepting of his powers.

How the Speed Force helped Barry

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly that Barry’s experience in the Speed Force “was a bit of a baptism for him.” It “washed away a lot of his sins, cleansed him of his doubts, fears, and his guilts.” In the process, Barry reopened his eyes to the wonders of having speed powers and he just loves being the Flash again.

‘The Flash: Reborn’

Thus, the title for the premiere episode of Season 4 is aptly called “The Flash: Reborn.” In a way, Barry Allen is reborn into a different but better person. The speedster that viewers see in the premiere is one who is not upset as he was in the previous seasons. Thanks to his experience in the Speed Force that helped him have a fresh start.

However, when the season opens, fans should expect Barry to be a little flustered at first. He is confused and jumbled. The promo for “The Flash” Season 4 premiere reveals his state when he first arrives home. This is understandable given that Barry spent his time in the Speed Force relieving his life.

A wiser scarlet speedster

Moreover, his time in the Speed Force helped him become wiser.

He also becomes decisive. This is the effect when someone sees his life played over again. Barry learns to see things from a different perspective and accept his mistakes in the past. According to Kreisberg, the Flash in Season 4 is closer to his comic book counterpart. He is in full mastery of his skills and he has matured emotionally.

A fun Barry Allen

Kreisberg revealed that they made Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash, do a lot of fun things in Season 4. Suffice to say that fans can see a lighter side of the hero in the installment. This also transcends to the season as a whole. Whereas in Season 3 it was all dark and gloomy, Season 4 is the total opposite.

Expect a fun scene in episode 2, when Barry and Iris go to couple’s therapy. Kreisberg revealed that their session with the therapist is one of the funniest scenes they did for the season.

A happy speedster

Most importantly, Barry is just too happy to be back home, back at S.T.AR. Labs with his friends, with Joe and with Iris West. He wants to make up for lost time with his fiancée and plan their wedding, which is definitely going to happen in “The Flash” Season 4.