As the premiere of "The Curse of Oak Island" season 5 nears, more teasers about the upcoming series are being released. It hints that Marty and Rick Lagina will be discovering something big as they dig a deep, big hole. From the said hole, the team was able to discover some items that are very interesting.

Recently, preview images were released showing how serious the team is with their digging. Aside from that, it also shows that they were able to acquire some things which may lead them to the mysterious treasure. The big hole could be the Money Pit that the Lagina Brothers are talking about.

Activities on the island

There are many images that give fans a glimpse of what will happen in "The Curse of Oak Island" season 5. The group is seen in a massive dig site with old timber planks on its side. One image also shows Rick intently looking at something that he found. There is also an image showing Rick in a thigh-deep swamp while holding a shovel. Another shows him handing something to Marty.

Aside from the Lagina brothers, other members of the team were also seen in the pictures. This includes Craig Tester, Jack Begley, Dan Henskee, Peter Fornetti, Dan Blankenship, and Dave Blankenship. One picture shows the team looking down at what is believed to be the Money Pit.

The team is indeed doing an extensive search in the area.

Apart from the big dig site, they also cut trees and went into a swamp. Even a diver went into the water with a camera and torches with him. What did they discover this time?

Huge discoveries

One intriguing item that is shown in the show's trailer is an old coin, which seems to come from the 1600s. There is also a pirate chest and old keys which the team is examining.

Rick also examines a key which is like a “lock within a lock." A bone or a spike is also shown in a trailer while Marty is holding it. But the viewers can only get a closer look into these items once season 5 airs.

These huge discoveries encourage the team to proceed with their search. In fact, there is non-stop action on the island as excavators and other equipment arrive to make sure they will not miss anything.

The team continues working even until night! Rick even went into a cave while holding a torch to see what he can discover in the area.

But there is one thing that worries fans. It is the prediction that another person will die this season since seven people need to die before the island will reveal its mysteries. Six people have already died since season 1. With an ambulance shown in the trailer, it definitely means that someone is in serious danger.

Will the Lagina brothers finally find the mysterious treasure in "The Curse of Oak Island" season 5? The new season will premiere on November 7 on History.