"The Curse of Oak Island" season 5 will feature potentially huge discoveries from the Lagina Brothers. It appears that something big is happening since the operation on the island is nonstop. What are the Lagina brothers up to? Will they discover something big this time?

New discoveries

The trailer of the show revealed that Rick and Marty Lagina found the original Money Pit on the island. The short clip features a chest, old keys, and a historic coin being checked. Does this mean that they finally found the treasure? It is believed that priceless artifacts or a treasure of huge value are in the area.

The chest in the trailer is seen being opened but viewers cannot see what is inside. There is also a coin being examined which appears as if its from the 1600s. A big boulder was also excavated which is similar to other stones found in the area. "The Curse of Oak Island" fans know that this could be ancient markers, but the brothers will still figure out what the markers mean.

The upcoming season is filmed after a huge storm. The storm revealed some things that were hidden on the island, which may prove that everything they worked hard for is true. This helped the team to find more things which will be featured in the season 5 of the series.

Non-stop activity on the island

According to an observation from Karen Publicover, author of the Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway blog, there is lots of traffic on the area every day even late at night.

She added that there is a big activity that continues to take place on the island with unusually more people. Aside from that, a large amount of equipment was also spotted in the area.

Publicover also said that there is no sign that the team will slow down. Does this mean that they have found something big which is the reason why they are not stopping?

Fans are hoping that the Lagina brothers and their team will finally reveal something huge in the next season. The non-stop activity on the island is a good sign that there is something coming up soon.

Followers of the show are aware that six people already died while looking for the lost treasure. The prophecy says that seven people need to die before it will reveal its mysteries.

If the curse is true, it would mean that another person will die in the upcoming season of "The Curse of Oak Island." But despite this, Marty and Rick are still determined to find the treasure and they are not giving up no matter what happens.

"The Curse of Oak Island" season 5 will return to the small screens on Nov. 7.