Sheila Carter is wearing out her welcome on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Viewers are tired of her petty efforts to break up Eric and Quinn. spoilers indicate that next week she will try to use Mateo the handyman to seduce her rival. it's time both she and Quinn were out of the Forrester patriarch's life. and he was paired with someone more deserving of his loyalty. The writers should consider pairing Thorne's father with Sally's grandmother. Shirley Spectra has more in common than either of the two younger women who each believes she is the right woman to be the matriarch of the Forrester estate.

Eric and Shirley have much in common

Eric Forrester is the patriarch of "Forrester Creations" and Shirley is trying to help resurrect rival "Spectra Fashions." Sally's grandmother's sister is the original Sally Spectra, who once was even married to Thorne's father. Grandma Shirley is spunky and fiercely loyal to her family, the same way Quinn's husband is. She is a little eccentric but Shirley has the wisdom of age, while Quinn and Sheila are still playing the games of teenagers.

Eric is at an age where he should be tired of the manipulations that Sheila and Quinn are dishing out. A woman who is mature and beyond childish maneuvers would be a great calming effect, especially since the Forrester patriarch is recovering from a heart attack.

His current wife having pillow fights and knock down drag outs with his ex-spouse will not give this man the peace of mind that he deserves. Sally's grandmother would bring much-needed stability to the life of Thorne's father.

Sheila Carter and Quinn will cancel each other out

Spoilers are hinting that Dollar Bill Spencer may rekindle his affair with his daughter in law.

Fans know this is not anything that will have staying power. Quinn and Ms. Carter's behavior will cause them to cancel each other out. Shirley and Eric have as much a chance as Dollar Bill and Steffy or Eric and Sheila. Should the current Mrs. Forrester take the bate with the handyman, she will lose her husband. When the manipulations of Shelia escalate she will automatically be out of the picture.

This is when the Forrester patriarch may look for a woman who is kinder and gentler. Shirley Spectra acts out of necessity, but she is not a schemer like her sister, nor does she manipulate like the two women currently fighting over Eric. If as spoilers indicate, Sally and Thorne, become an item this may open the door for her grandmother and his father to really see each other for the first time. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."