Actor Terry Crews, best known for his role in the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” said that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive. The unnamed executive in his tweets allegedly groped him.

Crews said that the incident took place at an event last year. He was even with his wife during that time. Crews continued to reveal that the male executive, “just grinned like a jerk” after the groping incident, Deadline reported. Crews said his wife also saw the groping. He did not say what the reaction of his wife was.

Crews came out with sexual assault claim amid Harvey Weinstein issue

Crews came out with his sexual assault claim amid the Harvey Weinstein issue regarding sexual assault and rape allegations. The actor revealed the groping incident through a series of tweets and he said that the reports about Weinstein is giving him post-traumatic stress disorder because “this kind of thing happened to ME.”

The former NFL player said that he was supposed to kick the ass of the male executive but he had second thoughts about it because it could potentially damage him. He and his wife then chose to leave the event. Crews said he got an apology the next day from the executive after Crews told about the incident to other people.

However, Crews said the male executive never really gave an explanation as to why he groped the actor. This male executive remains a blind item.

Crews empathizes with women who came forward against Weinstein

Crews said in one of his tweets that he decided to not take the issue further because the predator has both power and influence.

He noted that he let it go and he understood then why a lot of women just let it go. He explained in his eleventh tweet that not a lot of people would believe the victim but there will be a lot of repercussions and the victim might fear not being able to find work after she or he comes out with the issue. Crews went on to say he empathizes with the women who were allegedly Sexually Assaulted and raped by Weinstein but he stressed that Weinstein is not the only perpetrator and Hollywood is not the only business where such incidents happen.

Crews ended his series of tweets by saying that he hopes him coming out will “deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless.”

Women who have come forward against Weinstein are Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Some celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, have defended Weinstein.