Jana Duggar is the eldest daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who was first introduced to television audiences with "14 Kids and Counting." While her siblings have slowly begun to marry off (her younger sister, Joy-Anna, recently tied the knot at just 19), Jana has remained single. Although 27 is by no means old not to have been married, for a Duggar, it is a little bit unusual, to say the least. She occupies her time gardening and is often referred to as "Cinderella Duggar" due to the fact that she is often seen caring for her younger siblings.

There are perpetually rumors about her love life, and the most recent is that she is dating family friend Caleb Williams, who is actually a lot more liberal than the Duggar Family.

Is Jana dating Caleb Williams?

It seems as though every month, a new mystery man is linked with Jana, so while it is possible that she and Caleb are courting, it is also possible that he is just a family friend who has been in several photos with the family. Rumors swirled that she and Caleb were together after he appeared on the Duggar family Facebook page. Also appearing on the page was a man named Jacob Wilson, who was also rumored to be courting Jana. However, he quickly dispelled the rumor in a social media post, stating that he and Jana were just friends.

Caleb has yet to do so, which has many fans believing that this means that he and Jana are definitely "a thing." Without confirmation or denial, it is certainly possible.

Duggar fans call him a rebel

While the Duggar family has very conservative values, if Caleb is indeed courting Jana, the pair are a little more rebellious than some of the others in Jana's family.

It was stated that Caleb has gone to college, though stopped the degree for financial reasons. This would be pretty out there regarding Duggar standards, considering that only Joe Duggar has gone to college thus far. Joe did not attend a typical four-year college, however, but instead attended the ultra-conservative Liberty University before settling down with his wife, Kendra.

A friend close to Caleb spoke to The Hollywood Gossip to clarify in what ways he is a rebel.

"They have similar belief systems, but he's a bit different in his thinking," the anonymous tipster revealed.

The "friend" also stated that he is more liberal than the Duggar clan, which to be honest, isn't necessarily that hard to do. It will be interesting to see if she does announce a courtship.