"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout was in L.A. over the weekend with her fellow cast members and the cast of "Teen Mom 2" as the stars of the show filmed a reunion and other various specials. During one segment of filming, Maci Bookout revealed some very surprising news about her baby daddy Ryan Edwards, and some fans are sure to be shocked by her comments.

Maci joined Chelsea on stage at the 'TM2' reunion

According to Radar Online, Maci Bookout joined Chelsea Houska on stage during the "Teen Mom 2" reunion. The two women then dished about dealing with the fact that their baby daddies, Ryan Edwards and Adam Lind, struggle with substance abuse issues.

As many fans know, Ryan has admitted to having a drug problem, and was even filmed driving under the influence of drugs. In the disturbing scene, Edwards is seen falling asleep while driving, slurring his words, and looking very disoriented.

Adam tested positive for meth

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, failed a court ordered drug test earlier this year when he tested positive for meth. Adam has quit "Teen Mom 2," and won't be featured throughout this season, or at the reunion. However, that's not going to stop Chelsea from speaking out about the harsh reality of dealing with the fact that her daughter's father has a serious problem. The two women gave details about their lives, and when asked how Ryan Edwards was doing post rehab, Maci Bookout dropped a bombshell.

Things aren't the same for Maci and Ryan anymore

According to the "Teen Mom OG" star, she has no idea how Ryan Edwards is doing after seeking treatment for drug abuse. Maci claims that she she opened up about Edwards' substance abuse things on the show things haven't been the same. Bookout says that she and Edwards don't speak anymore, and that things have gotten bad between herself and Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, as well.

Maci allegedly revealed that Jen and Larry feel like she betrayed Ryan by talking about his problems on television.

Maci is sticking to her guns

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie Standifer have both spoken out about Maci Bookout drawing attention to his drug use. During the most recent "Teen Mom OG" reunion, Mackenzie rea a letter that she had written to Maci, which basically stated that she was cruel for making Ryan's struggle with drugs public knowledge.

However, Bookout maintained that she only wanted Edwards to get help and be a better father to their son, Bentley. It looks like the upcoming season of "Teen Mom OG" could be a very dramatic one for Maci and her family.