“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry delivered her third baby on August 5. It seems like yesterday but over two months have passed by. Surprisingly, Lowry still hasn’t decided on a name for her baby boy. While speaking to US Weekly, Kailyn said that she thought she had the name right the first time. But, it didn’t feel appropriate and she decided to wait for a little more time until she can decide on the name. According to a report by US Magazine, Lowry also went on to add that she finds it strange to have such a difficult time deciding on a name.

Kailyn Lowry on children's name

The “Teen Mom 2” star went on to admit that she did not face such problems when naming her first two sons. Her eldest is seven-years-old and is called Isaac, while her second baby is called Lincoln and is three-years-old. She currently refers to her youngest baby as “Baby Lo.” One of the main reasons why she decided to settle in on this name is because of her baby daddy whose name is Chris Lopez. Lowry then went on to claim that she has decided on one name. But she hasn’t done the procedures legally as yet. She feels she will wait a while before she names her third baby legally.

Tough time juggling her daily life

The celebrity is having a tough time juggling parenting, schooling, and work.

Added to this are her never-ending troubles with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. The star admitted that things with are always going up and down. She said that things with Marroquin are down at the moment and there is no way that they will ever get back with each other.

Marroquin's book

According to a report by Radar! Online, Marroquin has penned a book that is scheduled to release soon.

Lowry, however, isn’t very happy about what’s in it. While speaking to RadarOnline.com, Lowry said that she feels upset over the fact that Marroquin decided to write down every single detail in the book. There are so many things, according to Kailyn, that are irrelevant and are unnecessarily jotted down in her biography. She feels like she is having a tough time even co-parenting with him.

Even though there is no hope for them to get back with each other, Kailyn feels that they will soon be on cordial terms. Right now, he is focused on taking care of her children and carrying out her day to day routine. She hasn’t provided any details about any possible romantic relationship with anyone at the moment. The exact launch date for Marroquin’s book is not known either.