"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham was recently stopped on the street by paparazzi and asked about the current situation that is happening with Jenelle Evans. As many fans already know, Jenelle has threatened to quit "Teen Mom 2" due to what she believes is poor treatment of her and the cast members as well as manipulative editing to make a drama out of little situations in her life.

Farrah dishes on Jenelle's threats to quit 'TM2'

According to TMZ, Farrah Abraham has now weighed in on the Jenelle Evans drama, and she is revealing her thoughts on what's going on.

Abraham, who much like Evans, is one of the most controversial "Teen Mom" stars, says that she doesn't think Jenelle should be speaking out about the editing of the show. Abraham says that it's the editors and producers jobs to figure out what is going into each episode, and that she, Jenelle, and the other stars of the show are just the "talent."

'Who cares?' about the editing?

Farrah Abraham also revealed that she doesn't much care about the editing of "Teen Mom," because her "pay grade" is strictly to be the "talent" of the series. Farrah did suggest that if Jenelle Evans doesn't like the way that the MTV reality series is being edited that she could always apply to work as an editor on the show.

Abraham had a very nonchalant attitude when it comes to how she and the other women are portrayed on the show, saying "It is what it is." When asked of Farrah had any message for Jenelle she simply said, "Who cares?"

Kailyn Lowry gives her opinion

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans has been threatening to quit "Teen Mom 2" due over claims that poor editing has been painting her and her family in a negative light on television.

Jenelle also claims that MTV has been treating her and the other cast members badly, saying that the network doesn't consider them to being human beings, but more like freaks in a cage for the world to watch.

Amber and Maci have also threatened to quit in the past

Jenelle's "Teen Mom 2" co-star, Kailyn Lowry, recently spoke out about Evans' comments on the network.

Kail says that she "disagrees" with Jenelle, and says that if MTV had been treating her poorly for the past eight years, it doesn't seem likely that she would have stayed on the show for the better part of a decade. It looks like some "Teen Mom" feuds could be brewing over Jenelle's threats, but as fans know, she's not the only cast member to say she's leaving the show. Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood have both threatened to quit the reality series, and both are still currently filming with MTV to this day.