MTV is about to lose one of its most familiar reality TV stars. Jenelle Evans has just threatened the network to leave "Teen Mom 2" because she said she was tired of how MTV was manipulating events in her marriage to David just to create drama for television. The reality TV star was upset and took to Instagram to share her thoughts on how the network has been portraying their marriage. According to E! News, Evans got upset because of the new episode that aired, which showed her and David attending to their wedding preparations when they got into a disagreement.

The producers claimed to have received text messages from the couple that they did not want to take any Save-the-Date photos anymore because of their fight. However, the following day, David denied that a fight went on between him and his now-wife.

Reality TV star on their 'ups and downs'

Jenelle Evans shared her frustration on Instagram, where she claimed that MTV was exploiting the events to show drama on "Teen Mom 2." She wrote that despite the "ups and downs that she and her now-husband have been experiencing, the episode was 'uncalled for.'" She called out MTV for taking advantage of the fact that David didn't want to talk about the fight from the previous day and spinning it to create a dramatic storyline "as if he was hurting me in some way," she wrote.

Mom of three has had enough

According to People, the 25-year old mother of three posted a photo of herself with her family, condemning MTV because "it's getting out of hand and it's not healthy for us anymore." The reality TV star, who rose to fame because of MTV's series, claimed that the network "treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages.

We aren't human beings to MTV whatsoever."

Posting receipts

Jenelle Evans also posted evidence of further manipulation on the side of MTV, as she published screenshots of the episode in which they were discussing custody of the children. In it, there were no hand marks on her arm, but her other photo showed photoshopped hand marks on her arm, implying that they edited it to imply that she was handled roughly or was in an altercation.

Evans demanded that MTV "respect" her and her family, or else she'll walk away from the show. The reality star also posted screenshots of her text conversations from a certain "Larry" from the show, who is possibly one of the producers of "Teen Mom 2." Evans was upset because MTV subtitled dialogue with her son, who has speech impediment and therapy. MTV has yet to respond to her claims.