Leah Messer is currently dealing with some issues with her daughters on "Teen Mom 2," as her daughter Aleeah is lashing out because of the extra attention that Leah and Corey are giving their daughter. They are giving her extra attention because of her special needs, and Ali has revealed that she has trouble breathing. In addition, Messer has revealed that her daughter Ali is growing frustrated with the things she can't do, including fishing with Corey Simms and Aleeah. During the "Teen Mom 2" episode, Ali expressed frustration and boredom when she was fishing with her father and sister.

Of course, Messer is trying to figure out how to best cope with Ali, but she's learning that her daughter Aleeah is expressing jealousy over the extra attention. Leah decided to speak to her daughter about her behavior and she promised she would do better. Rather than just tell her daughter that she needed to change her attitude or yell at her, like some of her co-stars would do, she's taking the time to talk to her daughter. According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now being praised for her parenting and taking the time to speak to her daughter.

Holding her head high

"Been watching your story. So impressed with how calm you are in every situation and just leading your girls with love in everything they do.

I want to live my life more as you do. Thank you for being a great example of a mother!!" one person wrote to Leah Messer after watching Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2."

During the episode, Leah clearly had to deal with some troublesome issues and she handled it as well as possible. It can be an emotional thing for Leah to deal with these issues, especially since she doesn't want Aleeah to feel bad about herself.

During the conversation, Leah's daughter revealed she felt guilty about Ali's muscular dystrophy because she had taken up more space in the womb. Messer made sure that her daughter knew she had nothing to do with Ali's troubles.

Trying to focus on schooling

Leah Messer had to deal with these troubles despite going to school and work on her career.

Earlier this season, Leah announced she wanted to go back to school and she wants to set an example for her daughters. When her daughters went to school, she would enroll in school as well. She has been working towards a degree in communications at the University of West Virginia.

What do you think about Leah Messer's fans reaching out to her? Are you surprised she's being praised for how she's dealing with these issues?