Taylor Swift is getting ready to release her new Album, “Reputation,” next month. So far, she’s shared two tracks titled “Look What You Made Me Do” and “...Ready For It?” along with a music video for the former song. However, Swift has a few more surprises for her fans before “Reputation” finally hits the shelves in November.

Another song

According to Billboard, the pop star will be releasing another song from her upcoming album later today. Titled “Gorgeous,” she posted an extremely short teaser on her social media accounts. The video featured a magenta pink background with a gothic-themed typeface spelling out the words “Gorgeous.” Her new song is slated to drop tonight at midnight EST, so keep your eyes open if you’re waiting for her new song.

She mentioned that the track will be available “everywhere,” so fans can listen to it on streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify once it drops.

That said, “Gorgeous” will be one of the fifteen songs included in her new “Reputation” album. Since Swift is taking her music in a different direction, it will be interesting to see how this new track plays out. Judging by the electronic music in the teaser, “Gorgeous” might be another bubbly pop song. Whatever the case, her fans on social media are going completely crazy over the new teaser. The pop star only gave netizens 12 hours to analyze the teaser before the official song launches.

Crawling back into the limelight

In lieu of her coming album, it seems like Swift is slowly trying to make her way back into the limelight through baby steps.

Just recently, she held a very private session of her new album down in London on Oct. 13. Only a handful of extremely lucky fans were able to attend, meet Swift, and listen to the “Reputation” album. They also went home with some snake-themed souvenirs which seem to be the pop star’s new icon since the Kimye incident.

Many fans and paparazzi have also spotted Swift down in London where she’s shooting her second music video.

Judging by all the locations she’s been filming it, many are speculating that the second music video is about her current lover, Joe Alwyn. In line with this, it seems like “...Ready For It?” might be the song for the music video, since many interpret this as Swift singing about her relationship with the actor. It still isn’t sure to when she’ll officially launch her second music video, but we can only hope that it will be before “Reputation” launches.

Her sixth album is slated to release next month on Nov. 10.