The internet has been freaking out after Taylor Swift's double was discovered. Laura Cadman, who lives in England, was found online by a Taylor Swift fan. The resemblance between the pair is uncanny and Cadman has revealed the truth about looking like a celebrity. The doppelganger has never met Taylor in person but is a fan of the singer.

The celebrities double has been discovered

According to Glamour Magazine, Taylor Swift's doppelganger has been discovered. The individual was discovered online and it has been revealed that her name is Laura Cadman.

Cadman is twenty years old and is the spitting image of Taylor Swift. She has confirmed that she is a huge fan of Taylor.

In a report by Daily Mail, Laura Cadman has admitted that she does not deliberately try to copy Taylor Swift, as she is aware that the pair looks alike. She has claimed that she and Taylor share a sense of style but this was not something she planned. However, fans are skeptical about the English student's claims, as many of her photos are incredibly similar to Swifts.

Cadman has admitted that she does go to some of Taylor Swift's signature looks when she is feeling especially unconfident. In terms of her makeup, she claims that her red lips and winged eyeliner are not an attempt to copy the superstar.

She has stated that she discovered the look herself by playing around with makeup and landed on her favorite, which just happened to be similar to Swifts.

The double often gets mistaken for Taylor

According to Glamour Magazine, Laura Cadman has been mistaken for Taylor Swift in the past at one of the singer's concerts. She stated that she was suddenly surrounded by a mob and that loads of fans were asking to get pictures with her.

She revealed that as soon as she spoke a fan expressed her hatred. She overheard the fan saying horrible things about her simply because she was not Taylor Swift.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Cadman has confirmed that she has been stopped when walking on the street and shopping. She claims that she always has people talking about her because of her resemblance to Swift and has revealed that it sometimes gets to her.

Her mother has been especially concerned over the years and has admitted that she does not like her daughter being compared to a celebrity.

Laura Cadman revealed that she tries to ignore the constant comments on her Instagram account and is focusing on completing her college degree. She stated that she is still going to attend Taylor Swift's concerts regardless of the attention.