Last week, "Superstore" season 3 came back with a few revelations, including the one where Amy (America Ferrera) admits she was getting a divorce. Another revelation was that Jonah had become homeless because the hurricane tore down his apartment. He's now Garrett's new roomie, so fans are hoping to see how that dynamic will come to play when the two are in the workplace. The good news is that viewers might just get to see the home lives of the Cloud 9 employees this season. Ben Feldman hinted at this direction when he spoke with Uproxx last week, and here's what he had to say about his character, Jonah.

Workplace comedy to delve more into Jonah's ambitions

When viewers first met Ben Feldman's Jonah, he was someone who attended foreign exchange classes and had many ambitions in life. This is why most Cloud 9 employees questioned what he was doing in the middle of a big box store, stocking shelves. Jonah often reminisced about his life in university and his travels, implying that he had his entire life figured out up until now. It was also often a source of bitterness for Amy, whose aspirations to go to college was cut short because she got pregnant at an early age. Feldman spoke to Uproxx recently to share what's coming up for Jonah in "Superstore" season 3, saying that "Jonah's ambitions and needs [are] gonna become a little clearer."

Will Jonah and Amy get together?

Earlier this year, America Ferrera shared that she was okay with Amy and Jonah not ending up together in "Superstore" season 3.

Her goal was to play a singular character who wasn't defined by her relationships with men, which is why she wasn't in a hurry to get on the relationship train. Now that Amy has finally decided to get a divorce, how does Jonah feel about that? Ben Feldman hinted that they may not immediately get together, as "I think these relationships are more interesting in those gray areas in between.

I think the plan was always to keep some sort of a tension going between those two characters."

The show will be 'funny' regardless of the two getting together

Ben Feldman also shared that regardless of Amy and Jonah becoming a couple, "the show is just as funny" and will continue to bring the laughs. Just a fair warning, however, as the second episode of "Superstore" season 3 will feature a memorial for one fallen Cloud 9 employee who did not survive last season finale's hurricane.

To find out who didn't make it, tune into "Superstore" season 3 this Thursday at 8 p.m.