The final countdown is on for "Stranger Things 2," which premieres on Netflix this October 27. On that date, fans will get to binge watch a fresh set of episodes of the Duffer Brothers-created series that stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Millie Bobby Brown. The upcoming sophomore season will continue the story of Hawkins, where weird, supernatural things have been occurring thanks to the government secrets held by the Hawkins Lab. But ahead of the season premiere, Netflix recently shared a never before seen video clip from the upcoming season, and it features fan favorite Eleven as she finds a way back from the Upside Down.

During the last season finale, Eleven mysteriously disappeared after she defeated the Demogorgon. The series picks up a year later, with Eleven back from the Upside Down and ready to reunite with her friends in Hawkins.

Eleven is back from the Upside Down

When Eleven returns to Hawkins, Indiana, things won't quite be the way she left it. In fact, Will Byers is still experiencing the aftermath of his stint in the Upside Down, while he and his friends are set to face an even bigger spider-like monster. Fans got to see a glimpse of that massive monster in the two trailers released by Netflix. In a new "Stranger Things 2" clip released by Netflix during the London Comic Con, fans can see Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven find a hole to get back to Hawkins Middle School.

She then uses her powers to break through the hole and find a way back to the real world.

Hawkins won't be the same

According to The Verge, the new clip for "Stranger Things 2" shows Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven sporting a buzz cut, just as she was back in the first season. In the latest trailers for the sophomore season, however, Brown's Eleven is sporting longer curly hair, given that the new season picks up a year after the finale's events.

When Eleven returns to Hawkins, she'll find that the squad has grown, given the arrival of Sadie Sink's Max.

The Thessalhydra theory

In "Stranger Things 2," Eleven and the rest of the Hawkins AV Club will face off with what looks like a Thessalhydra. Fans have this theory that the massive monster in the trailers is a Thessalhydra, a creature which according to Slash Film infects its hosts with larvae, which Will might be hosting inside him, given that he had been coughing up slugs in the last season finale. "Stranger Things 2" will shed more light on this when it premieres on Netflix on October 27.