It's no secret that Donald Trump doesn't get along with most celebrities. When it comes to Stephen King, the legendary author has made it clear that he will not hold back his thoughts on the president anytime soon.

King on Trump

When Donald Trump decided to officially run for president, he did so by insulting illegal immigrants from Mexico by referring to them as "rapists" and "murderers." The reaction from the majority of the country was negative, though many in the conservative base were pleased with what they heard. The mainstream media, however, held Trump's feet to fire which planted the seed that has grown into an all out feud between both sides.

Another group of critics that continue to lash out at the president has been the majority of Hollywood, which has long leaned left in its political allegiance. While many big names have gone out of their way to criticize the former host of "The Apprentice," author Stephen King has found a way to reach his over four million followers on Twitter to call out Trump. As seen during a pair of tweets on October 15, the author of classic horror novels like "IT," "Salem's Lot," and "Misery" ripped into the the commander in chief.

Taking to his Twitter account on Sunday night, Stephen King appeared to mock Donald Trump in regards to his alleged hypocritical following of Christianity just days after the president addressed a right-wing Christian fundamentalist event.

"If Donald Trump had been in Jerusalem back in the day, Jesus would have driven him out of the temple with the rest of the money-changers," King tweeted out.

Not stopping there, Stephen King doubled down on his mockery of Donald Trump when it comes to the president's alleged faith in Christianity.

"'Take these things away! Do not make my Father's house a house of trade.' Trump calls himself a Christian, but you tell me," King went on to post. The tweets appear to be a reaction to Trump's appearance at the Value Voters Summit this past week, which was hosted by the Family Research Council and run by their president Tony Perkins, a well-known right-wing conservative with Evangelical Christian beliefs.

Feud continues

Though Stephen King uses social media to vent and give his opinion on Donald Trump and the current state of politics, the billionaire real estate mogul is clearly not a fan. Earlier this summer, King tweeted out a negative comment, which resulted in the author be blocked by the President of the United States.