"Saturday Night Live" returned as the show continued its 43rd season on the air. While it was expected that Alec Baldwin would poke fun at Donald Trump, it was Kate McKinnon's portrayal as Kellyanne Conway that had everyone talking.

Conway as Pennywise

Not long after Donald Trump came out the winner at the Republican National Convention, he was forced to make a major move with his campaign. After then campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned due to his financial ties to Russia going public, Trump tapped veteran Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to take on the roll.

Conway quickly became a household name due to her ad nauseam defense of the former host of "The Apprentice," as well as her routine heated exchanges with cable news hosts. Since the election, Conway has been bumped up to the role of "presidential counsel," as she continues to stand by Trump's side. Fast forward to this past summer and the biggest surprise film turned out to be the remake of "IT," the adaption of the Stephen King novel that features children being stalked by an evil clown named Pennywise. The world of "IT" and the Trump administration came together during the October 14 edition of "Saturday Night Live."

Following the show's first political skit involving Alec Baldwin in his role as Donald Trump, "Saturday Night Live" went back to the well with their humorous take on Kellyanne Conway.

After a mock version of CNN host Anderson Cooper was shown leaving the network's studios, he could be seen wearing the same yellow jacket that was worn by Pennywise's first victim in "IT." Cooper stops only to see Conway, played by Kate McKinnon, down in the sewer, in another comparison to the film.

"What did you do to your makeup?" the satirical Anderson Cooper asked Kellyanne Conway.

"I toned it down," Kate McKinnon said. The skit went forward with "SNL" trolling the presidential counsel for her recent defense of Trump, which included topics dealing with the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and the president's feud with Rex Tillerson.

Kate McKinnon then convinces the fake Anderson Cooper that she's actually Hillary Clinton, and bribes him to come down in the sewer with her new book "What Happened?" Like in the film "IT," Cooper's arm is bitten off by Conway.

To his surprise, Cooper awakens to find he was just dreaming, though the former campaign manager could be seen sitting next to him waiting to be interviewed.

Next up

As "Saturday Night Live" continues to take shots at Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway and the rest of the White House, the president has more important things to worry about. With questions surrounding health care and tax reform, as well as uncertainty dealing with North Korea, the commander in chief is now sitting on an approval rating that is around 35 percent.