Have you started meditating, yet? If not, I am here to give you another reason to meditate. Of course, you have learned about the benefits of this beautiful art, and you want to try it. However, you lack motivation. I am here to motivate you so that you Meditate on a regular basis.

There are so many Hollywood actors who meditate on a regular basis. For them, meditation is as important as their art is. The most wonderful thing is that their glowing 'Third Eye Chakra' depicts their love for meditation. Their aura is so positive that you do not miss seeing their movies, no matter how busy you are.

List of Hollywood celebrities who meditate regularly

  • Oprah Winfrey (started meditating in the year 2011): Oprah meditates every single day. No matter how busy she is, she ensures to take out at least a few minutes to meditate and attract positive energy to herself, once again.
  • Jennifer Aniston (started meditating in the year 2012): Meditation is the first thing Jennifer does after waking up in the morning. In one of her interviews, she has clearly stated that meditation is the secret behind her radiant and flawless beauty.
  • Hugh Jackman (started meditating in the year 1995): Who doesn't like this Wolverine actor? Meditation is a part of his fitness regime. In an interview with Oprah, Hugh admitted that when he meditates, he is not an actor, father or husband. He admitted enjoying ecstasy while meditating.

The list continues

  • Tina Turner (started meditating in the year 1960): There are several mantras and chanting videos that Tina has created. Tina said that meditation was the only thing that kept her going after she ended the abusive relationship with her husband.
  • Paul McCartney (started meditating in the year 1967): Paul has been meditating for more than 45 years. His belief in meditation is so strong that he can't go on a day without it. When he met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, he knew he had to start practicing it. When he was going through a hard time during the 60s, he knew he had to center himself. Meditation allowed him to balance his life in the most wonderful manner.
  • Halle Berry (started meditating in the year 2003): Halle has a special glow on her face. She thanks meditation for it. When her abusive father passed away, she found it difficult to forgive him for the stress he had caused her mother and sister. Thanks to meditation, she could make peace with her thoughts and his soul.