Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed the rumor that "Sex in the City 3" is not going to happen. Several rumors emerged over the past few months and it was reported on Thursday, that the third installment will be stopped, because of a demand by Kim Cattrall.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Warner Bros. was working on another Movie before Cattrall got to sign a contract for "Sex in the City 3." On Twitter, she posted a tweet which says, "The only 'DEMAND' I ever made was that I didn't want to do the 3rd film."

No script for the third movie

While Cattrall claimed that she didn't want to pursue the movie, reporters learned that the upcoming third installment had no script at all.

She added that a backlash happened which affected the movie project a lot.

On the other hand, Parker claimed that "Sex And The City 3" already had a story and they feel saddened after learning that the third movie is not going to happen. She is disappointed as most of the audience was so vocal in wanting another installment of the film.

While Parker confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight, Kristin Davis took to Facebook on Friday and echoed Parker's statement. She added that they had been grateful to all their loyal fans for all the love and support shown to the entire cast. However, it is a big disappointment that they can no longer bring the final chapter of the movie to the screen.

Fans got upset with the news

In the statement, Davis continued by saying, "Michael Patrick King wrote a beautiful script, but the wonderful part of what we do is that the show and movies will live on. So from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for the experience of being part of "Sex and the City."

When the news broke on social media, most of the avid fans were quite upset with their announcement.

Everyone was extremely excited for the third film. However, the production team already made the final decision. It is finally official that the ladies have already closed down the town and will no longer be aired on HBO. Despite the cancellation news, Parker added that they were thankful for being part of the show and the movie will continue to live on.

Before Parker confirmed the news to Extra, Sia reportedly suggested a solution to Cattrall's departure. However, it turned out that the movie is all set to end in the last installment.

According to Today, Parker explained that "Sex in the City 3" was supposed to be a beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking story and it is just so disappointing that they will no longer share that story with the audience.