James Corden has been making some controversial mistakes over the past few months. The Talk Show Host was asked to host a charity gala recently and took the opportunity to make some jokes about Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is being investigated for sexual abuse and harassment of several women in the entertainment industry. Corden's jokes did not go over well, and he is receiving major backlash.

Corden made some tasteless jokes

According to the Huffington Post, James Corden has received major backlash for his jokes about Harvey Weinstein when hosting an important event.

The talk show host was asked to host a charity gala event in Los Angeles and began the evening on a questionable note. At the beginning of the show, Corden's opening monologue included a joke about Weinstein.

In a report by Joe.ie, Corden stated that Harvey Weinstein had already invited the night up to his hotel room. However, the jokes did not stop there. Noticing the mixed reaction of the audience, Corden warned them that if they did not like the opening joke, there was more to come. He advised them to leave before he continued with his speech.

Corden then went on to make even more jokes about the troubled Hollywood mogul. He stated that Weinstein was in hot water and then said to ask the number of women who watched him taking a bath.

The groans and discomfort of the audience did not stop Corden in his tracks. He was determined to roast Weinstein for as long as he could in front of the audience.

The public have expressed their feelings

According to the Independent, the public has shared their opinions of James Corden's speech online. Many members of the public stated that the talk show host created a very uncomfortable environment at what was a charity gala.

Some people have condemned Corden for telling the audience to leave if they did not like his jokes about Weinstein.

Others have stated that Corden was extremely insensitive to the women who suffered at the hands of Weinstein. They claimed that his jokes, while clearly attacking Weinstein, also undermined the plight of the women who have come forward.

He has been condemned for his cheap jokes at the expense of those women.

In a report by the Huffington Post, Corden has lost a lot of followers after his jokes at the charity gala. Many people have stated that he has been making several mistakes over the past few months which will come back to hurt his career. The public opinion of Corden has shifted into a negative one, and it will be difficult for him to recover.

Corden has not yet released a statement addressing his actions at the charity gala and fans are waiting for him to take responsibility for his mistake.