The possibility of another “Rush Hour” movie has been teased for over a year now. Jackie Chan has finally provided confirmation on this matter. Last week with LA’s Power 106 (The Cruz Show), Chan was asked whether another installment was being made for “Rush Hour.” According to a report by Den of Geek, he first acknowledged that there have been many speculations about it. The producers have been negotiated upon this subject but none have been able to reach a mutual conclusion.

The last “Rush Hour” movie had released back in 2009. Seven years later, they have finally agreed on the script.

The actor also went on to state that the script is currently in its second draft. The work is expected to get over towards the end of this month. Chan further added that the filming for “Rush Hour 4,” is expected to begin next year. He said that he hopes that everything falls into place. He also added one very interesting note by saying that Chris Tucker hasn’t confirmed whether he will be returning to the franchise.

About Chris Tucker

The star has been missing from the big screen for long. The last major but abrupt appearance he made was in “Silver Linings Playbook,” which was launched back in 2012. Since then, he played another supporting role for “Long Halftime Walk.” He hasn’t shown up in any of the movies since then.

The reason for his absence is unknown but it remains to be seen whether he plans on making the comeback after all. Jackie Chan in the interview expressed his desires to make the next “Rush Hour” movie until the time they are still physically capable of doing so. He doesn’t want them to turn too old and not be able to perform certain stunts.

More regarding the movie

The first “Rush Hour” movie was released back in 1998. The movie managed to make a whopping $141.1 million domestically and $104 million in foreign regions. The team-up between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker was loved by audiences around the world. This ended up leading to two sequels, thanks to director Brett Ratner.

The second “Rush Hour” movie was launched in 2001. It did way better than the original one, by making roughly $226.1 million domestically and $121.1 million in foreign regions. The third one was launched in 2007 – but it didn’t do quite as well. The fourth one is expected to begin filming next year. If all falls into place then “Rush Hour 4" will probably premiere in 2019. Plot and overall cast of the movie is not confirmed yet.