Harvey Weinstein cannot keep his name out of the news, though this is surely not a time he is excited about it. The producer apologized and announced an indefinite Leave Of Absence from his company following the New York Times article that exposed his decades of sexual harassment. The board of directors addressed the issue and quickly came to a decision on Monday, firing Weinstein from his own company.

Erasing his name

It seems that firing their co-founder is not enough separation for The Weinstein Company. According to Billboard, an anonymous insider says that the company will make a complete name change soon.

They have apparently already begun hiring ad agencies to brainstorm a new name.

The company name is not the only thing Weinstein's name is being removed from. The company took no time to decide that it would remove the producer's name from the credits of multiple projects. The Paramount Network has confirmed that his name will be removed from the title executive producer on both "Waco" and "Yellowstone."

The Weinstein Company is reportedly already moving forward in taking his name off of other programs like "Project Runway." The company aims to take Weinstein's name out of the credits for upcoming films as well, but this will apparently be a "more complex process."

Begging to be saved

After he realized his apology was not enough, Harvey Weinstein reportedly reached out to Hollywood friends in an effort to save himself from being fired.

He sent out an email to the most powerful industry friends he knew before ending up terminated from his company on Sunday.

Ron Meyer of NBCUniversal, David Zaslav of Discovery Communications, and Jeffrey Katzenberg of Walt Disney Studios were among those who received the plea for help. Weinstein began the email telling his friends that his board was thinking of firing him, though he just wanted to take a leave of absence for heavy therapy treatment.

He begged for help saying that he deserved a second chance. At the same time, Weinstein attempted to clean up his image by stating that a lot of the allegations against him are false.

He hoped he could convince these industry powers to help him, saying "We believe what the board is trying to do is not only wrong but might be illegal and would destroy the company." Though it is unclear who exactly "we" is, the desperate email did not help Weinstein. He was after all fired on Sunday and has since not been heard from.