Cara Delevingne is the latest actress to come forward to share her own experience with Harvey Weinstein amid scandal. On Wednesday, the "Paper Towns" star recalled a terrifying encounter she had with the movie mogul, who is currently facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

The 25-year-old actress said she was still a newbie in the acting industry when she received a phone call from the award-winning film producer. He allegedly asked her if she was gay or if she had slept with any of the women she was spotted with.

Celebrities coming forward in light of Harvey Weinstein scandal

Cara Delevingne refused to answer any of his questions and decided to hang up on the movie mogul. But before she ended the conversation, Harvey Weinstein warned the actress that she will not be able to make it in the industry if she decided to come out as gay.

A year or two after the "odd and uncomfortable" phone call, the actress met the producer to talk about an upcoming movie project. After the meeting, Harvey Weinstein invited Cara Delevingne to his hotel room, where a woman was waiting for them.

The film mogul then asked the two women to kiss in front of him before the other woman began to make advances upon the direction of the producer.

The "London Fields" alum said she tried to make the situation better and started singing in front of the producer. When she had finally decided to leave the room, Harvey Weinstein reportedly followed her out and tried to make advances toward the actress.

Although she still got the role for the movie, Cara Delevingne "felt awful" that she had accepted a project from the producer.

The actress also admitted that she had to consider Harvey Weinstein's family before she has decided to come forward.

She ended her statement with a reminder to all victims of harassment, abuse, and rape that they are not to blame when this kind of incident happens. She also encouraged them to speak the truth and inspire other victims to share their stories.

The internet commends Cara Delevingne for speaking up

Cara Delevingne received an outpouring of support from her fellow celebrities and fans for testifying against the controversial producer. In an interview with ET Online, Margot Robbie commended her "Suicide Squad" co-star for her courage in responding to the ongoing issue.

"I think the whole situation is so disturbing and sad but I think the conversation surrounding it, hopefully, good comes out of it," she added.