The highly anticipated premiere of "Riverdale" season 2 kicks off tomorrow and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently made time to give viewers more hints on what's to come this season. For starters, Jughead seems to be settling in quite fine in the Southside, where he will eventually find some new friends. His presence on the Southside and the fact that he no longer goes to Riverdale High, will unsurprisingly drive a wedge between Jughead and Betty, but the big question is, will they break up? Aguirre-Sacasa already hinted that there will be trouble in paradise for the pair, to the extent that even Archie will think twice about letting Betty go.

But for now, here's what Aguirre-Sacasa has to say about the relationship troubles Betty and Jughead are set to face when the sophomore season begins tomorrow.

The 'natural distance' between Betty and Jughead

Sure, Jughead may have put on the Southside jacket handed to him by the Serpents during last season's finale, but according to Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Jughead won't be quick to jump on the bandwagon of Serpents. He told Variety that Jughead is currently "wrestling" with the idea of joining the group, given his nature as an "outsider and loner." Moreover, Jughead is currently in a new environment, so he's more inclined to absorbing new experiences even if it's on the Southside. These new experiences and the fact that he now resides on the South Side will create a "natural distance" between himself and Betty.

Jughead to meet new friends

During the last season's finale, viewers saw Jughead move to a new school, where he seemed to have unsurprisingly found fast friends. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa guaranteed that it will be a journey for Jughead, however, as he shared that as "Riverdale" season 2 progresses, the series will begin "exploring his roles more and more at Southside High," and that he will find certain people who from the beginning may be persons he does not agree with, but will eventually become friends with.

In fact, Aguirre-Sacasa said that "a couple of characters get very close to Jughed." Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz in "Riverdale" season 2, already hinted that her character will cause some trouble between Betty and Jughead.

Jughead still part of the gang

Fans of The CW series need not worry, as Jughead is still part of the gang in "Riverdale" season 2, despite his departure from Riverdale High.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa assured that they still have their "personal journeys" that will be chronicled throughout the episodes. The sophomore season of the show premieres tomorrow, October 11 on The CW.