Jenelle Evans revealed that her producer had called her to warn her about Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2." She reveals that David and Jenelle would be put in a bad light because of the editing. She was taking her wedding date announcement photos with David and her children were screaming in the background. Evans knew she would be called a bad mother and she decided to deactivate her Twitter account to avoid any confrontations with fans. It's clear that she's not excited to discuss the episode and by deleting her Twitter account, she's pushing her fans away more.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now being asked about why she decided to delete her Twitter accounts. Fans believe that she deleted the account to avoid hearing the feedback from fans. It's clear that viewers are not happy about David and rather than ending her relationship, she would rather push away her "Teen Mom 2" fans.

Deleting Twitter

"Why’d you deactivate your Twitter? Lmfao! You scared of getting negative feedback from tonight’s episode?! You’re so predictable," one follower wrote to Jenelle on Instagram after she decided to deactivate her Twitter account to avoid any feedback from her "Teen Mom 2" fans.

Of course, deleting Twitter doesn't solve any problems. She will probably activate her account once again after the episode drama is forgotten.

She has revealed that she may leave "Teen Mom 2" because she's tired of being edited in a bad light. Evans has already threatened to quit once because she was tired of how she was being portrayed by the producers.

Viewers are concerned

Over the past couple of weeks, fans have noticed a change in Jenelle. Not only has she pushed her mother away as she didn't invite her to her wedding, but she has also married a man who fans believe is controlling and abusive.

She's now distancing herself even more, as she deleted Twitter to avoid any confrontation with her "Teen Mom 2" stars. Many viewers called to get Child Protective Services involved, as they were scared for the children. They were nervous about the abusive behavior from David and what he may do behind closed doors. Evans has defended her husband, revealing he has done nothing when it comes to hurting her or the children living with them. She claims all the reports are false.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' decision to deactivate her Twitter account? Do you think she should move forward and not care about what people see?