This October, viewers will get to see the premiere of "Riverdale" season 2, which will introduce some new characters to the fold. First off, there's Mark Consuelos' Hiram Lodge, who makes his way back home from his stint in jail. Whether or not his jail time has changed him remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Hiram isn't the only family member to return to his respective brood, as Chic Cooper, Betty Cooper's half-brother is also heading to the town of Riverdale. TVLine exclusively broke the news that Alice Cooper's firstborn, who was put up for adoption as a baby, will reunite with his mother in the highly anticipated second season of the show.

The CW is currently in the process of casting Chic, further quashing the fan theories that Joaquin DeSantos may be the son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones. Chic will be a recurring guest star in the sophomore season of the show, which will find Betty having to deal with being far away from her boyfriend, Jughead, who has moved schools to the South Side, where his roots truly are. Jughead fully embracing his South Side roots, is also set to drive a wedge between them. In fact, the upcoming season will show some different sides to Betty, according to actress Lili Reinhart.

Jughead and Betty to go through 'intense' moments

Back in the first season's finale, Archie and Veronica sealed the deal and slept with each other, while Betty and Jughead's make out session was cut short by the arrival of the South Side Serpents, who gifted Jughead with a South Side jacket.

Whether or not Betty and Jughead will end up making love remains to be seen, but Lili Reinhart promised fans that Betty and Jughead will have "some really beautiful moments between them."

Reinhart told W Magazine (via TV Guide) that there will also be "really intense" moments between Betty and Jughead this season. As for her character, she will be up for some personal challenges as well.

Viewers can recall her "dark Betty" phase back in season 1, and it looks like that Betty will make a return in "Riverdale" season 2.

Betty will show off 'different sides'

Betty has always been the proper, goody-two-shoes kind of character, but with a twisted dark side. In "Riverdale" season 2, Lili Reinhart promised that viewers will "see some new sides to her" because the sophomore season "opens a door to show different sides to all the characters."

She explained that Betty is indeed "going through a traumatic situation" given the events of last season, and this upcoming season will be "heart-wrenching" for her. It's safe to say that the arrival of her half-brother will contribute to her struggles as well. "Riverdale" season 2 arrives on October 11 on The CW.