The "Riverdale" Season 2 premiere aired on Wednesday night, and the dark teen drama series didn't disappoint. The new season picks up exactly where Season 1 left off. Archie was busy rushing his father, Fred (Luke Perry) to the hospital after a masked man had shot him while having breakfast at Pop's Diner. Archie scrambled to get his father medical attention as Fred fought for his life while losing a lot of blood in the process. Archie finally arrived at the hospital and the doctors and nurses hurried to save his life.

Archie rushes to save his father's life

As Fred enters emergency surgery, Archie calls his best friends, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead to come meet him at the hospital. The gang assembles, and Archie tells them the tale of what happened to his father. Of course, Riverdale's resident "weirdo," Jughead believes that something much darker than a simply robbery gone wrong has occurred, and heads to the South Side Serpents to find out what they know. Meanwhile, Fred makes it out of surgery alive, as Archie and Veronica head back to his house so he can get cleaned up. The couple have an intimate moment as Veronica searches for a way to comfort her new boyfriend.

Are Veronica's parents responsible?

Later, there is speculation that Fred's shooting may have been a hit on his life, and it seems that the most likely suspects are Veronica's parents, Hermoine and Hiram Lodge.

"Riverdale" fans watched as Veronica call out her mother for possibly being the person behind Fred's near death experience, and viewers then see a darker side of Hermoine as she challenges Veronica. After everyone gets word that Fred is going to pull through, Veronica heads home to find her father there. Hiram has officially been released from prison and will without a doubt cause so much drama in Riverdale over the course of the season.

Veronica again makes a snarky comment to her parents about Fred's shooting, letting them know that she won't turn a blind eye to their behavior, or the fact that she believes they may have had something to do with the situation.

Another murder rocks 'Riverdale'

After Fred returns home, and Archie's mother is back in Riverdale to help out during his recovery, narrator Jughead reveals that Archie is more determined than ever to protect his family, as a scene of Archie sitting vigil and guarding his home is revealed.

However, the killer was much too busy to come after Archie that night. In fact, he was headed to Greendale, the next town over, where he breaks into the house of Ms. Grundy. As fans will remember, Ms. Grundy was Archie's music teacher, and the two had a torrid affair during Season 1. She left town after the affair was discovered, but it looks like she didn't learn her lesson. Ms. Grundy is seen kissing one of her teenage students before the masked man who shot Fred sneaks up behind her and murders her.

Who is this masked man?

It looks like find out who the masked man is, and solving the string of crimes and murders will be high on the list for "Riverdale" Season 2. Of course the biggest mystery will be the identity of the man, why he's going after the adults, and if he'll return to seek revenge on Archie and his friend group.

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