"American Horror Story: Cult" fans have really been getting into the story over the past couple of weeks. The creepy FX series has finally started to explain some of the backstories and reveal major plot points. However, this week's episode will have one gruesome scene cut out. That's right, there is one scene that viewers will not get to see in the episode, and the show's creator Ryan Murphy was the one to make the decision to cut it.

'AHS' to cut disturbing scene after Las Vegas shooting

According to the latest "American Horror Story: Cult" news and spoilers, the latest episode was supposed to open with a scene depicting a mass shooting.

However, due to the latest real-life nightmare that happened in Las Vegas, where a lone gunman opened fire on a large group of concert goers with an automatic weapon, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent victims, the scene has been cut from the show. The terrifying scene could have been straight out of a movie or television show. However, sadly it was real. 58 people lost their lives that night, and another 500 were injured.

Ryan Murphy made the decision to re-edit

Now, Ryan Murphy is speaking out. Ryan Murphy revealed that he completely believed he had the right to air the mass shooting scene in the latest "American Horror Story: Cult" episode. However, he also believes that out of respect for the many victims of the Las Vegas tragedy watching the scene could trigger them or upset them, which would not be his intention.

Murphy revealed that he ultimately decided to re-edit the episode and cut the scene. The mass shooting will now take place off camera, and Ryan says he feels like the re-edit was the right choice.

Other TV shows have done this in the past as well

Of course, "American Horror Story" won't be the first Television Series to have to alter their programming due to a national tragedy.

A 2015 episode of "Mr. Robot" that depicted a character committing suicide was delayed after a Virginia reporter was killed on-air. An episode of "Shooter" was also postponed after a Black Lives Matter protest turned deadly. Even "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" had to delay an episode featuring a school shooting back in 1999 after the tragedy that happened at Columbine.

'Cult' is politically charged

As many "American Horror Story" fans know, "Cult" centers around the character of Kai Anderson, played by actor Evan Peters. Kai, an avid Donald Trump supporter, begins gathering lost souls into a cult after the 2016 Presidential election. Kai's group cause chaos and even go as far as to kill people in the name of their cause. Kai then puts on a front and campaigns to run for local office in his town, all the while torturing a local woman with emotional issues, Ally, played by actress Sarah Paulson.

Fans are torn about the decision

Meanwhile, "American Horror Story" fans are torn about the decision to cut the shooting scene. Some fans agree with Ryan Murphy and feel that the scene should have been re-edited out of respect to those victims and their families. However, others think that censoring his art due to the actions of a murderous madman only gives the killer more power, even in death. What are your thoughts on the subject?