"Grey's Anatomy" fans are about to see a whole new batch of characters arrive at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, because it's time to meet the brand new interns. "Grey's" fans know that new interns are ushered in all the time, and sometimes they have big character arcs, and even stick around like the character of Jo Wilson, and sometimes they fade away, or die. Either way, Season 14's new interns are officially on their way, and viewers will get their first glimpse of them during the Oct. 12 episode of the ABC drama.

New faces heading to Grey Sloan

According to the latest "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers, the new crop of interns are young and hot! There will be six of them, three men and three woman, and one of them fans have already gotten a sneak peek of. Remember Levi, the goofy intern that Jo had a one night stand with? You know, the one that lived in his mom's basement? The character is being played by actor Jake Borelli, who previously held roles on shows like "The Thundermans" and "NCIS." It seems that fans will be seeing a lot more of him in the upcoming episodes.

Meet the new interns

The other two new male interns on "Grey's Anatomy" will be Vik and Casey, who are portrayed by actors Rushi Kota and Alex Blue Davis.

Some fans may remember Rushi Kota from his roles on "Extant" or "Famous in Love," while Alex Blue Davis has appeared on "NCIS" and "NCIS: Los Angeles." Meanwhile, three new ladies will round out the new cast of Grey Sloan Memorial interns.

Actress Jeanine Mason will be playing the role of intern Sam.

"Grey's Anatomy" viewers may remember her from shows like "Bunheads" and "Of Kings and Prophets." Mason was also the Season 5 winner of "So You Think You Can Dance." Television newcomer Jaicy Elliot will be playing the role of Taryn in her first ever TV role, while Sophia Taylor Ali will portray intern Dahlia, whom fans may have seen in the past on shows like "Melissa & Joey" or "Faking It."

So much drama for one hospital

The new "Grey's Anatomy" interns are showing up at a very hectic time in the hospital.

Of course, Meredith and Nathan are still fighting their feelings for each other while treating Nathan's former fiance for some major wounds. Amelia is going to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor that has been altering her personality for years, and Maggie, Jackson, and April are stuck in an awkward love triangle. Of course, Bailey and and Richard will be all about the new interns, as they usually are, and that could lead to even more scenes with the new cast members. Look out for the new faces during this week's episode.