The latest episode of The CW’s breakthrough television series, Riverdale just aired, and a lot of things have happened this time. The new episode tackled various developments in the story from meeting the girlfriend’s parents to creating a vigilante group.

“Riverdale” premiered on The CW in January this year, and because it was a huge hit, the network gave it an early renewal. The second season recently kicked off with a scarier and darker story.

The gang meets Veronica’s parents

A lot of things have happened in the new episode of “Riverdale” Season 2.

As the town scurries to find an unidentified gunman, who has been wreaking havoc in Riverdale and its neighboring towns, Veronica Lodge has coaxed the gang into meeting her parents, Hiram and Hermione.

Veronica explained that she wanted her inner circle of friends, namely Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and boyfriend Archie Andrews, to meet her dad. Jughead didn’t think it was a good idea, but nevertheless, he showed up.

Now that the Lodges have met Veronica’s close friends, she intends to introduce Archie to her father. Her mother disapproved and tried to discourage her, but the teenage Lodge just wouldn’t budge.

Veronica is dead set on her father meeting the boy she’s dating, and she’s going to make sure that the date happens.

However, setting aside her mother’s words might just get her into trouble, because Hermione’s concerned that something more sinister might happen if the two meet, especially as she recently hooked up with Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, while Hiram was locked up in jail.

Archie's meeting with Hiram most likely didn't earn him points as the latter showed his disdain towards the redhead.

Apparently, Hiram wasn't that stoked that Archie's dating his daughter.

The mysterious gunman strikes again

Meanwhile, the rest of the town is dealing with a bigger problem. As revealed in the previous episode of “Riverdale” Season 2, the masked gunman that recently shot Fred and killed Ms. Geraldine Grundy claimed new victims.

Moose Mason and Midge Klump were making out while high on drugs deep in the woods, and this unidentified perpetrator just appeared out nowhere, and shot them. Contrary to fan beliefs, the two teenagers lived through the horrible experience.

Midge got out of it unscathed thanks to Moose shielding her, but the moose was hospitalized for his gunshot wounds. The recent unmotivated attack got Archie to round up his friends to organize a watchdog group, so they could stop the next attack.