The latest episode of Black Clover aired last weekend, and it featured the highly anticipated Magic Knight Entrance Examination. The anime series is centered on two main characters named Asta and Yuno, who grew up together, and are aiming to become the next Wizard King.

In the recent episode, Yuno effortlessly showed off his amazing magic skills and even impressed the captains of the Magic Knight squads. Meanwhile, Asta had the worst time, but he was able to redeem himself in the final stage of the exam when he emerged victorious in real combat against Sekke Bronzazza.

Passing the entrance exams

The latest episode left off with Asta impressing the crowd with his unexpected skill and power. However, avid fans who have been following the original manga series, are already aware that Asta will go through a humiliating situation before he can set foot on the path of becoming the next Wizard King.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, Yuno came out as the top candidate, and all nine Magic Knights captain wanted him on their squad. Yuno, of course, picked the best squad and joined William Vangeance’s Golden Dawn.

Meanwhile, when it was Asta’s turn, no one raised their hand, but Captain Yami Sukehiro taunted the young aspiring mage. The captain of the Black Bull Squad pointed out that no one wanted a mage who didn’t have any magic powers at all because a Magic Knight’s true strength came from his magic alone.

However, Asta didn’t let the taunts get to him, and declared that even if he failed the exam, he would still take it again because he was determined to become the next Wizard King. Amused with just happened, Captain Yami unexpectedly took in Asta as one of the new members of the Black Bull Squad.

Asta and the Black Bull Squad

In the upcoming episode of “Black Clover,” fans will be treated to an unexpected result in the exam, and see Asta becoming a Magic Knight of the Black Bulls Squad. Aside from Asta, Noelle Silva has also joined their squad.

Noelle is the younger sister of Captain Nozel Silva of the Silver Eagle Squad, and they are from the royal House Silva.

Because she was incapable of controlling her magic powers, she was discriminated against and abhorred even by her own family.

The Black Bull Squad had a bad reputation, but despite their rowdy looks, they were actually great mages who cared about their comrades. With their new squad, these two are destined to grow into powerful mages as they gradually learn more about their magic abilities.