The latest episode of the new installment of “Riverdale” just aired on October 18 and the series continues to delve into a darker story. The new episode featured less development in the gang’s problems but a handful of familiar characters from Archie Comics have finally emerged.

“Riverdale” is an American teen drama television series that adapted the original characters of Archie Comics. Unlike the comics, the series takes on a serious vibe, clouding the little town with mystery and its characters in dark twists.

The first season premiered in January and because the series became a hit, it was given an early renewal.

The second season made its debut last week, picking up immediately where the last season left off, but taking a scarier and darker turn compared to the pilot season.

Saving the gang’s favorite hangout

“Riverdale” Chapter 15 reveals Betty Cooper taking on an active role on the things that are recently happening. Archie Andrews is dealing with this father’s shooter, Jughead Jones is dealing with his father’s case, and Veronica Lodge is dealing with her father’s return. Betty has decided to step up and lead an event that will save Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe from closing down.

In the final episode of the first season, Archie’s father Fred was shot by a masked robber in Pop’s place. The dreadful incident forced Pop’s staff to quit and several regulars have refused to come back because they were afraid the perpetrator might return.

Betty was determined to save Pop’s place because it was the one place in town that held many of her memories, from when she was still a little girl, to her first kiss with Jughead. With the back-up of her friends, Cheryl Blossom, and Josie and the Pussycats, Betty’s drive ended up successful and even raised enough money for Pop to continue running the shop for a long time.

New characters in play

The latest episode finally introduced more familiar faces from the original Archie comics. Midge Klump, who is Reggie Mantle’s object of affection in the comics, has finally appeared, but unlike her original decent personality, she’s now a drug junkie.

Midge gets her regular dose of illegal drugs from Reggie, who have been selling the drugs to anyone he thinks needs them.

However, Midge’s appearance is short-lived as she and Moose Mason were shot and killed by the same masked gunman that almost ended Fred’s life.

Meanwhile, the Southside Serpents are doing their best to help Jughead with his father’s case. Driven into a corner because of an outrageous deal, Jughead visits a snake charmer and also the Serpents’ very own lawyer named Penny Peabody, who is a character from the original Little Archie comics.

Penny convinced Jughead to ask for the Blossoms’ forgiveness so his father’s charge would be lessened. However, F. P. Jones learned about Jughead and Peabody’s secret meeting and warned his son about her, hinting that nothing good comes out of being indebted to the Southside Serpents’ snake charmer.