The latest episode of the second season of “Riverdale” has finally been aired on The CW. The new episode revealed things escalating to entirely different levels as the gang try to keep it together. Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge are all trying to deal with their fathers, while Betty Cooper is on the sideline, trying to save landmarks in the town.

Aside from the small developments in the story, the new episode has finally introduced familiar characters from the original Archie Comics. Midge Klump has finally appeared, but unlike her character in the comics, the Midge in “Riverdale” is into drugs and late night hook-ups with her boyfriend Moose Mason.

However, Midge and Mason’s escapade turned grim when the masked perpetrator pays them an unexpected in the woods and kills them. The other new character, who is most likely going to play a huge role in this season, is the notorious Penny Peabody.

Who is Penny Peabody?

Penny Peabody hails as an original character from the Little Archie comics. In the comics, she is Fangs Fogarty’s girlfriend and their relationship is exactly the same as Midge and Moose’s relationship in the comics.

Fans of the comics will remember Fangs as the huge young bully who always picked fights with Archie and the gang. Fang is violent and overprotective of Penny, promising to hurt any boy who even attempts to talk to his girlfriend.

In the “Riverdale” series, Penny is all grown up and have become lawyer, who earned the nickname Snake Charmer as a member of the Southside Serpents. In the latest episode of the show, she revealed that the she owes a lot to the Serpents because they were the ones who put her through college and law school, making her the gang’s resident lawyer.

Penny Peabody’s infamous reputation

The second episode of the show’s new season not only introduced Penny, but also further revealed that she’s someone that even F. P. Jones doesn’t want to deal with. Jughead ended up meeting Penny in her office located inside a tattoo shop in an attempt to save his father, who’s set to be locked in prison up to 20 years for his involvement in Jason Blossom’s murder.

Penny, who is portrayed by “True Blood” actress Brit Morgan, gave Jughead some legal advice on how to help lift his father’s impending sentence. Thanks to Penny’s advice and Betty blackmailing Cheryl Blossom into testifying for F. P., the leader of the Southside Serpents' future looked bright.r.

F. P. learned later on that Jughead went to see Penny for help and he called his son as soon as possible and warned him never to make deals with a snake charmer. Jughead revealed that Penny didn’t want any payment and helping Jughead was a favor, but F.P. told his son never to make contact with her again.