Rick and Mortyseason 3 has officially concluded. After waiting for over two years, the fans were able to enjoy the 10 mentally-drilling episodes of the comedy, science-fiction cartoon series. It may seem like it got over all too soon. But that’s just the thing with good TV shows. According to a report by Den Of Geek, one thing that remains confirmed is that “Rick and Morty” will definitely return in the form of a fourth season.

Towards the end of season 3’s finale episode, Mr. Poopy Butt Hole said that the fans would have to wait for a “really long time” until the show returns.

In fact, show’s writer Dan Harmon even discussed the possibilities of a next installment. He faced severe criticism for delaying the third season by almost two years. The writer has promised that he will learn from his mistakes. In other words, the fourth season might not take as long as the third one. It remains to be seen what the fourth season will offer “Rick and Morty” fans.

A new theme

Each of “Rick and Morty” seasons has featured different themes. The last one was rather emotional. But it’s been long since Rick has faced a real challenge. The past two seasons were caught up with Rick trying to express his feelings for the family. The next one, however, will probably focus on his true potential.

Evil Morty

As noted by Den of Geek, one of the best episodes of “Rick and Morty” was “The Ricklantis Mixup.” Fans were truly thrilled to realize Morty’s capabilities. Up till then, the character was merely Rick’s shadow. In this episode, a new side of him was being seen. He pretty much owned the entire episode, and one could not understand that until the very last minute.

It’s highly possible that the writers decide to bring the Evil Morty back.

Reform the 'Citadel'

“The Ricklantis Mixup,” also made mention of something known as the “Citadel.” This is where all the major Ricks have come together, to maintain peace and order. The Citadel organization hasn’t been given enough importance. The fourth season will probably focus on it.

De-clutter the family drama

There’s no denying that the Smith family and its issues, is what makes the entire show so perfect. At the same time, there are so many unresolved issues that need attention. The writers are expected to give more defined meaning to the family’s underlying issues. For instance, Beth and Jerry’s marriage or the problems that Jerry faces with his father-in-law, Rick.