"Produce 101," the popular music competition variety show, has become somewhat of a launching point for many K-pop idols. After the first season, the winners formed the extremely popular Ideal of Idol, better known as I.O.I. Not only that, but many of the show's first season participants went on to be members in other known K-pop girl groups like DIA, Gugudan, Pristin, Momoland, and Weki Meki.

Presently, many K-pop fans of "Produce 101" are concentrating on the show's second season winners as they form the new boy band Wanna One. Yet, there are other K-pop fans who want certain eliminated contestants to form their own boy band as they think they are "too good." Ergo, Rainz is born and they will be making their debut right after the Korean holiday Chuseok.

Multiple Korean labels form a new project boy band!

The Rapturously Inspiriting Boyz, better known as Rainz, is a unique K-pop boy band. The seven boys all coming from different agencies and labels are uniting for a project group in response to fan demand. They consist of Kim Seonglee, Ju Wontak, Hong Eunki, Byun Hyunmin, Lee Kiwon, Seo Sunghyuk, and Jang Daehyeon.

The new K-pop boy band is being taken seriously by the agencies and/or companies that represent the members. They have an established presence on social media with an official Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube, and Instagram. They also released their first song for the currently-airing medical K-drama, "Hospital Ship," titled "."Let it Go, Let it Be." If we include their time on "Produce 101," Rainz already has enough experience to make a fantastic debut.

Pre-release promos abound!

The official date of Rainz's debut will be on Friday, October 13, 2017, KST (Thursday in the United States). To help build hype, they are releasing numerous pre-release promotions throughout Chuseok.

Previously, Rainz released multiple concept images of each member and a track list of their debut album titled "Sunshine." The title track song is titled "Juliette," in which there will be a "funky version and an instrumental version available.

The other songs are "All Night Kinda Night," "Dilemma," and "Rainy Day."

Right now, music video teasers of each member for the title track song "Juliette" are being released. The first teaser featured Seonglee with a camera. The second features Wontak with a skateboard. The latest teaser (attached above) features Kiwon eating toast.

Four more music video teasers of members still need to be released along with an official teaser trailer for the music video itself. The day before the album releases, Rainz will perform a special concert for fans most likely through an online streaming app like Naver or VLive.

The digital copy of Rainz's debut album "Sunshine" will be made available on October 12, 2017, KST. However, the physical album, which includes an 80-page photo book, music CD, random photo card (one of seven), name card (one of seven), postage stamp (one of seven), and seven stickers of each member, releases the next day.