Right now in K-pop, many boy bands and girl groups are working hard on the summer rush of comebacks. We already had some great summer comebacks such as Black Pink with "As If It's Your Last" and Red Velvet with "Red Flavor, and there are many more yet to come such as Winner with "Our Twenty For."

Even though the summer rush is mostly bombarded by either established or somewhat established K-pop acts, rookie groups may use it as a launching point for their careers by utilizing new concepts or changes. With that in mind, Momoland is preparing to make a comeback this summer as well.

K-pop industry sources reveal Momoland's upcoming comeback

At this time, there are no official statements by Dublekick Company -- the entertainment label and agency housing Momoland (often stylized in capitals or also known as MMLD) -- on the girl group's summer comeback. Instead, on Sunday, July 23, 2017, industry sources revealed that Momoland is currently finishing up preparations for a comeback halfway through August.

Later on that same day, Momoland hinted at a possible concept change for the "unofficially announced" comeback.

On their official Twitter feed, Momoland posted an image of members Nancy, Yeonwoo, and JooE wearing matching hairstyles in which their hair was made up in ox tails kind of like Chun-li from Capcom's Street Fighter games. Nancy also wrote on the post that they are "meeting soon" and to "stay still and wait for them."

Momoland's summer comeback is two months after last project!

One thing that is sure about Momoland working on their upcoming K-pop comeback is they are not wasting any time trying to get their name out there among the best of the best in the industry.

Their last project was just two months ago with the non-album title track song "Wonderful Love."

"Wonderful Love" did not even chart in the top 100 in South Korea, but given the fact they are still a rookie group in a smaller label and/or agency, it is expected they wouldn't exactly get such high numbers right away.

Momoland does have some accolades to be proud of though as they won two awards this year.

The first was during the Asia Model Awards in which they won in the category for Best New Star/New Star Singer. The second was at the 4th Korea-China Management Awards where they won the award for Asia Rising Star.

Since Momoland's upcoming K-pop comeback was just recently announced, we have very little on what to expect. Over the course of two to three weeks, we expect to see more teaser images of the girl group, a track list, and audio snippets of the songs before they officially release their summer comeback.