Fashion is an industry that has been built on the beauty of the female gender ever since the very beginning of our times. With a variety of trends and numerous clothing lines that are released every year, big fashion houses such as Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Chanel and many others rely on models to represent their image. And it is no secret that the year of 2017 is inheriting the decade’s portrait of the perfect woman: skinny, tall, with beautiful features and a great attitude. However, there’s a very long road to reaching the heights of success of a top Model.

In order for a model-wannabe to be introduced into the marvelous world of fashion, they most probably going to reach out to the model agencies. And just then is when the whole journey begins! As a fresher you will not be given many opportunities and only through a huge amount of patience and Hard Work will you manage to break the ice - or is it luck and privilege that lifts you up?

The pro's of fashion as a career

The pros of entering fashion as a model are many but may be less depending on what you are expecting from your career. At first, a new model goes through a series of make-up sessions followed by photo shoots, along with a course of modelling that teaches you various tips from posing to walking with the attitude that employers in the industry currently ask for.

You will get to experience with products that you didn’t have the opportunity to test before, wear clothes that you could maybe never afford and be known for your beautiful face and body.

Glamor, fashion, and the con's

On the other side, the starter pack that you will be signing up for also includes poorly paid jobs as a promoter for out-of-topic companies in which you’ll find yourself in the position of sharing flyers in the street or being just a poorly paid representative whose tasks will be to attract clients for the employer.

Also, a new model is almost definitely going to be with privileged individuals and no matter how hard you work and no amount of ass-kissing will get you any respect. Then there are the unfortunate cases when you will attend catwalk shows with poorly qualified make-up artists whose diplomas come with an extra dose of acnee for the customer right after your look is done.

Overall, fashion and the beauty industry receive a lot of attention and is admired by the entire world. It might seem to be very glamorous but at the end of the day, you might want to ask yourself f you are really willing to throw your principles in the trash and get in crosshairs for a job that might just never be yours?