The UAE is a state located on the edge of the great Arabian desert. The discovery of oil changed everything and this country forged ahead. It was supported by a diverse expatriate workforce. The UAE unlike countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia forged ahead, and women from this region began to do everything from driving cars, piloting planes and also taking part in fashion shows.

The latest news is that Emirati girl Rafea Al-Hajeesi has taken part in international fashion shows and now at Dubai as well. She participated in the 3rd installment of the "Arab fashion week " held over five days last year.

Rafea before the Dubai show had walked the ramp at the Paris fashion show as well. At the Paris show, she wore dresses designed by another Lebanese designer Zaid Nakkad.

Rafea and fashion

Girls from the UAE are generally conservative, but Rafea has blazed a fresh trail. In a country that still practices the Sharia, though a modified one the feat of Rafea deserves mention. In an interview, the girl has said that she faced discrimination, but she resolved to carry on doing what she believed in.

Rafea was spotted by Lebanese designer Aisha Ramadan who liked the large brown eyes of the girl and coached her. This led to her winning the best-dressed model award at the Arab Fashion week. Rafea is tall and slim, and modeling comes naturally to her.

At the fashion show in Dubai, she modeled two dresses designed by Aiisha. However, she has confessed that so far she has avoided wearing revealing dresses as Arab society is not yet conditioned to Arab girls showing the body in a show. Hopefully, this will change in time to come.

Arab fashion week

The change is already on the way as can be seen by the holding of the Arab Fashion week.

Last year the show was being held for the third consecutive time, and the sponsors are looking forward to holding the show again in 2017. The show is normally held in the month of October and lasts 5 days. It takes place in Dubai. The UAE and Dubai are considered an oasis of peace.

Last word

The fashion show is because of the American effect on the UAE. Many American companies have offshore business in Dubai and invest heavily in the UAE. Donald Trump also has investments in India as well as Dubai. The American effect is not going to go away.