Shay Mitchell is one of the five girls in "Pretty Little Liars" who made Rosewood a mysterious, complex maze. Playing the role of Emily Fields, a lesbian who was struggling with typical teenage issues, Shay definitely caught the attention of the viewers. That helped Mitchell to amass a lot of fans and followers. Her social media game is also strong, with 18 million followers and counting. Now that "Pretty Little Liars" is over, fans are waiting for Shay's next project. According to Teen Vogue, it looks like there's going to be a mini-"PLL" reunion, as Mitchell and Marlene King, are all set to work together in a new show called "The Heiress."

Marlene King was the executive producer of "Pretty Little Liars" and fans know all too well that she gave out the juiciest, most intriguing spoilers of the said series.

Now that King and Mitchell are set to work together on a new project, what can fans expect from the upcoming series?

Taking a new but eerily familiar road

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marlene King and Shay Mitchell will be working on what seems to be a "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff. Apparently, "The Heiress" will be based on one of Sara Shepard's books.

It is worth noting that "PLL" has been based on a Sara Shepard's book series. Considering that the new series will still be based on the books by the same author that "PLL" was based on, fans are excitedly expecting a new, yet familiar plot twist.

Leaving the shadow of Emily Fields

Sara Shepard's book, "The Heiress," centers on the Saybrooks, a wealthy and prominent family who find themselves shaken by a sudden tragedy.

On the outside, the family tragedy may just come off as an unprecedented and unavoidable occurrence. However, there may be something more sinister about the truth behind the Saybrook's family tragedy.

Shay Mitchell's role in "The Heiress" is still unclear. However, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Mitchell's character will be one of the headliners of the series.

Just like "Pretty Little Liars," "The Heiress" also involves five major female characters - Aster, Natasha, Corinne, Rowan, and Poppy Saybrooks.

Aster, Natasha, Corinne and Rowan are the major suspects for the death of Poppy Saybrooks. Some readers who have finished the book shared that the plot was similar to "Gossip Girl" but with a more sinister plot twist. Shay Mitchell's character is expected to be revealed as the production of "The Heiress" begins.