"Outlander" aired one of the most powerful episodes of Season 3 on Sunday, and despite the big reunion scene, there was another scene that had fans talking and speculating. It seems that fans who haven't read the book series by Diana Gabaldon were freaking out during one scene where Claire's friend and fellow doctor, Joe Abernathy, was sent a 200-year-old skeleton of a person who was found in a cave in the Caribbean. Some fans got a very eerie feeling from this scene and even wondered if somehow, some way, those bones could have actually belonged to Claire herself.

(Warning: major spoilers below!)

Fans speculate about the identity of the skeleton

According to the latest "Outlander" news and spoilers for Season 3, fans shouldn't worry about Claire's life. In fact, during the episode, Claire found her way back to the past and even tracked down her long-lost love, Jamie. The two had their first face-to-face meeting in over 20 years, and viewers were swooning throughout the entire scene. However, the reunion was cut short in the episode as Jamie, overcome with emotion and surprise, fainted at the sight of Claire. The episode ended with that cliffhanger and promised to give fans more in the upcoming episode, which they revealed would air two weeks later.

Claire and Jamie's big reunion finally revealed

After the big reunion, it seems some "Outlander" viewers just couldn't stop thinking about those bones. During the scene, it was revealed that the bones belonged to that of a white woman, who was likely in her late 40s at the time of her death. Claire picked up the skull and seemed to get an uneasy feeling, asking Joe why he was sent the bones of a murder victim.

Joe questioned Claire about why she thought the woman had been a murder victim, but Claire said it was only a feeling she had. Later, Joe discovered that Claire was correct, and the woman's neck was broken, stating that it appeared someone tried to cut off the victim's head with a dull blade.

Answers are coming

While "Outlander" fans who don't know the identity of the victim worried about Claire, there is no need.

The book series reveals that those bones belong to none other than Geillis Duncan. The book only touches on the identity of the skeleton lightly, as events transpire in the Caribbean with Claire, Jamie, and Geillis. In the aftermath, Claire is with Jamie with she remembers holding the skull in her office with Joe Abernathy and makes the quick connection. While it's a mere mention in the book series, the TV show could actually make it more clear and touch on the subject a bit harder for fans, especially since Geillis is a fan favorite character.