Celebrity kids may say the most remarkable things. In the case of Gal Gadot’s six-year-old daughter Alma, there has been mixed pride and nonchalance in reaction to the Hollywood sensation’s breakthrough role as Wonder Woman.

Gadot has always stated that her daughter’s sentiments about the blockbuster film really mattered to her. Numerous reviews came from many different sectors, but her child’s response to her solo film “Wonder Woman” counted the most. The statuesque actress’ eldest child hugged her and expressed how proud she was of her mom.

Biggest Wonder Woman

Recently, Gadot’s eldest child had amusingly shown how unimpressed she was with the continuing adulation given to her mom as “Wonder Woman.” The actress told Jimmy Fallon in a recent episode of the “Tonight Show” that the realization that `every woman is a Wonder Woman’ -- or that every woman is awesome in her own right -- has dawned on her six-year-old daughter. The child knows that it just so happened that her mother landed the plum role.

The 32-year-old Israeli actress has successfully juggled career and motherhood this far. The “Fast and Furious” and “Wonder Woman” star has admitted that there is always the feeling of guilt -- that there may be something being overlooked on the homefront, or perhaps greater attention may be needed at work.

In fact, Gadot had, at some point, entertained the thought of quitting and it occurred at that time when the big film opportunity came up.

Work-life balance

To date, the beauteous star has shown that she can handle the rigors of a high-flying career, as well as a happy Family life. She considers her children her priority, yet she is not about to change what she derives fulfillment from.

In any case, the real-life “Wonder Woman” remains on top of her game.

The actress-model said using a non-conventional approach to balancing work and life has worked for her. What is important, she noted, is that the family stays together, and everybody’s happy. Family, for Gadot, includes businessman Yaron Varsano, their two kids, and hopefully a son in the future.

Gadot’s work ethic has been praised by no less than director Patty Jenkins. The latter has gotten involved working on the script for the sequel that marks Diana Prince's journey into America. Last June, the go-getting director had tweeted that she had indeed discussed ideas with bigwigs about the next installment of “Wonder Woman.” The director has openly stated that there is an entirely different story to be told.