As discussed in our previous article, both Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) had to face some hard choices. After not being able to find any information on her long-lost love, Claire decided it was time to return to Boston with her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Jamie, on the other hand, had an adventure of his own at Helwater Estate. Since the episode focused almost entirely on Jamie, let's quickly revisit what he was up to at Helwater, before delving into the speculation about the next episode.

A quick recap

To recall, Jamie was first blackmailed into having sex with Geneva Dunsany (Hannah James).

But the real trouble began after she died giving birth to his son. It was then when Geneva's husband, old Lord Ellesmere (James Cameron Steward) threatened to kill a child since the baby clearly wasn't his. Fortunately, Jamie proved once again how good he is with the gun, so he killed Lord Ellesmere, just in time to save the baby.

After that, a few years have passed, and Jamie was faced with the hard choice of his own -- to stay at the Helwater and risk being found out as the boy's father, or return to Lallybroch. Heartbroken, he chose the latter, leaving the boy devastated, but still under a protection of his aunt (Tanya Reynolds) and Jamie's good friend Lord John Grey (David Berry).

What to expect from the next episode

The next episode of "Outlander" is titled "Freedom & Whiskey" and you can watch the official promo for the episode down below.

If this clip is to be trusted, we are going to see a lot of Claire in this episode, as she faces the dilemma whether to go back in time once again. She is afraid that she might not be able to face her old self and wonders if Jamie still loves her.

But it is her daughter Brianna who gives her the courage in the form of some strong words. "You said what you felt from Jamie was the most powerful thing you ever felt," Brianna says, "You have to trust it's the same for him."

Then, the clip cuts as we see Claire in front of a print shop with a name A. Malcolm. And while this teases the long-awaited reunion between Jamie and Claire, fans might not like what they are about to see.

Unfortunately, the rumor has it that this will be exactly where the episode will end. And if that's not already bad enough, it is said that the "A.Malcolm" episode which is the reunion episode won't air until October 22.

We have no doubts that "Outlander" season 3 Episode 4 will meet everyone's expectation, but the fact that the reunion won't happen until the next episode definitely leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.