"Outlander" Season 2 ended on an interesting note as the series changed books. "Dragonfly In Amber," the second book in the series, brought readers forward to the future of the 1960s. Claire and Jamie's daughter Brianna is grown, Frank Randall has died, and Claire and Brianna are attending the funeral of Reverend Wakefield, a close friend of Frank Randall's who helped Frank do historical research. At the funeral Roger Mackenzie, Wakefield's adoptive son invites Claire and Brianna to stay. They explore the countryside while trying to discover the fate of Jamie.

Jamie's efforts to save his people and survive Culloden are told in flashbacks. Ghosts abound as Geilis Duncan makes an appearance in 1968.

What can viewers expect in season 3?

ABC News reported that the 14-month wait for "Outlander" fans is finally over. Season 3 started on September 10. Fans will get to see the long-awaited reunion of Scottish outlaw Jamie Fraser and World War II nurse Claire Randall. Sam Heughan, the actor who portrays Jamie, said that the episodes leading up to their reunion are different and exciting. The reunion is long overdue, and since it's such a great journey when the reunion finally does happen, it will be exciting for fans to see. The first part of the season will take fans through the life the couple spent apart where they are living in different time periods, Claire now lives in Boston with Frank, and they are raising their daughter, who is really Jamie's daughter, in the new city.

Claire throws herself into becoming a surgeon while watching her marriage to Frank fall apart. Jamie nearly dies at Culloden. He hides for the next 20 years from the British government while posing as a servant to a British family, as well as a printer in Edinburgh.

Variety reported on an interview with Sam Hueghan (Jamie), Catriona Balfe (Claire), and Tobias Menzies (Frank Randall/Blackjack Randall) that took place at the San Diego Comic Con.

season 3 sets up a lot of new story lines while closing other ones. Heughan said that while most of the scenes in the second season took place in France, many of the scenes in the new season will center around Jamaica. Each season is like starting over with new costumes and sets. Balfe said that the new season feels different than the first two because in the first two seasons they start with Claire and Frank.

The new season will be different. Switching back among the different time frames provides a challenge too.

What happened to Frank and Blackjack?

Gears of Biz reported on the fate of Frank while leaving few clues about Blackjack Randall. Toward the end of Season 2, Randall was expected to die at Culloden after marrying his brother's fiancee so her baby would have a father and a name. Tobias Menzies, the actor who portrays both Frank and Blackjack Randall, said that the relationship between Claire and Frank is a study in tragedy. The series will explore the difficulties and tragedy of their relationship in the first three episodes of season 3. There have been many regrets for the characters, especially Claire, who would have stayed with Jamie.

Menzies said little of the fate of Blackjack as the beginning of the season will explore the relationship between Frank and Claire. Fans will also get to see the struggles of Claire and Jamie. Episode 1 is now available on STARZ.