Despite letting the Twitter world know that he would pursue every legal option in taking down his accuser, the woman who says Nelly raped her won't let up. The 21-year-old from Seattle apparently met Nelly at a Washington club on Friday night. She says that she and her friends drank at his table before she was invited to his after-party.

New details

The woman says she left the club with Nelly's people and ended up at his Tour Bus - which she had previously said was parked at a Walmart. After the two arrived at his room, she claims that he tried to have sex with her.

She says that the rapper made advances despite her saying no.

Nelly apparently told her to "shut up" when she told him she did not want to have sex. The 21-year-old claims that he told her he wanted to have sex without a condom and proceeded to do so although she clearly said 'no.'

TMZ reports that the woman was offered money by Nelly after he raped her. She says she declined the money and was then told she had to go by a random woman on the tour bus. The woman is said to have kicked her off the bus before throwing a $100 bill at her.

Unsurprising rumors

Nelly's lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, spoke to both TMZ and Daily News relaying again that the team is not going easy on these accusations. He is currently working with a private investigator in order to prove the woman is making up her side of things.

Rosenblum says it does not surprise him that the woman is trying to get her story out there. He says that people with agendas tend to do this, and she has clearly had one since meeting Nelly. "The agenda is money, fame, and notoriety," he exclaimed.

The lawyer claims that they have both objective evidence and unbiased witnesses to prove Nelly is innocent.

He says the woman has no credibility and will not be believed once they release all the evidence they have.

Silence from Nelly

Though his lawyer has continued to talk to the press about the situation, Nelly has remained quiet since the new information was released. On Saturday, he took to Twitter to tell his supporters that the accusations were clearly false.

It seems that he will remain quiet until legal action is finally pursued.

Fans are still wondering whether or not he will show up to the next show on his tour with Florida Georgia Line. It will take place on October 12 in Jacksonville, Florida. However, performing may be out of the question for now as the rapper is currently dealing with a lot of unexpected difficulties.