Rumors about the firing of "Today's" Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer are emerging due to an article published by In Touch magazine. The tabloid claims that the two are "clashing" and that one of them will be let go by NBC. A source tells the magazine that Megyn and Matt have "resented each other professionally" since Megyn joined the network.

Anchors rumored to be feuding

The source alleges that Megyn Kelly has complained about being sidelined and Matt Lauer doesn't want to listen to her drama. They had a "heated exchanged" and don't think NBC is "big enough for both of them." This may lead to one of them being fired, the magazine's source explains.

Lauer supposedly wants Kelly to go, but network bosses aren't about to let him get his way. The source says if Megyn is fired, no one will ever say that's what actually happened. One of the plans is to change things up with Megyn and have her work on MSNBC. As for Lauer, his employment with the peacock network isn't set in stone and if he's fired, the show would reclaim the top ratings spot in morning television.

What's true

Gossip Cop corrects the story by reporting that it's untrue. Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer aren't going anywhere and it was anticipated that Megyn's arrival on "Today" would take some time for the ratings to warm up.

“It’s all [expletive]," an NBC insider tells Gossip Cop. As for the ratings being negatively reported about in the news for Megyn, the source says, “They always knew it would be a slow build."

A report earlier this week had a source claiming to Radar Online that Megyn Kelly needed Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie to save her ratings by appearing on her show.

The pair joined Megyn's hour of "Today" on Monday and reports immediately came out that their guest appearance wasn't a good thing. A source said that Matt and Savannah were on the show "to make Megyn seem more friendly.” Lauer was said to be dreading the whole thing, not enthused about partaking in small talk for five minutes.

He supposedly showed up smelling like garlic to boot. There was an interaction between the two that the insider claimed to witness in which Megyn joked about an etiquette segment coming up on the show and remarked that Matt "needs it."

The source went on to say that Lauer and Guthrie don't like Kelly, but an NBC insider tells Page Six that everything is fine with Megyn Kelly and her "Today" colleagues. All of them have taken Megyn out to lunch and are nothing but supportive of her new endeavors at NBC.