Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan are a portrait of dedicated parents and dedication to their art. Leading Mumford and Sons on one musical trek after the other around the world doesn’t ever seem to wear on Marcus Mumford in his downtime. Carey Mulligan has managed to get herself from red carpets to press junkets for her earthy new film, “Mudbound” set in the Mississippi Delta. The couple is so fiercely protective of life off stage and off set that no one realized until mid-summer that mummy Carey had a baby bump, and in August, she and Marcus welcomed their second child, but are keeping details hush-hush so settling into loving daily routines can still stay precious.

A walk in the park seemed the perfect outing under London's falling leaves and cozy clothes for the family. They still kept the children’s faces guarded, and thankfully, the British paparazzi obliged in protecting their privacy. The day was clearly a respite from constant multitasking, made even better with some sips of coffee. Simple family days like these are all the sweeter when two little ones tag along.

A mother’s sustenance

When Carey Mulligan was questioned about being a mother of two when she debuted her film in Canada, she simply replied: “It's good.” The mother on the go has had to resort to some unconventional snacks to keep her going.

At the New York Film Festival premiere of the movie, she confessed that candy was becoming a necessity through some of her days.

“I feel like I'm running on sugar-free Twizzlers,” the acclaimed actress confided. Her driver bestowed the gift of the no-sugar sweet treats upon the 32-year-old new mom, and Carey Mulligan gushed that the gesture had “changed the day for me.”

For the day of walking in London, Carey Mulligan sported a long-length cream overcoat over her black sportswear ensemble, and Marcus Mumford wore similar sweat suit attire.

Toddler daughter, Evelyn Grace ambled between her parents in light pink pants and a white sweater. A peek of tiny red slippers was visible on baby Mumford. The snuggly wardrobe choices were quite different than what Carey was wearing while shooting “Mudbound.”

Snakes and sweat

Carey Mulligan needed no imagination to conjure the sweltering heat or the frightening hiss of snakes while making the movie.

The heat was stifling every day for the petite British beauty, and a snake-handler was required to be onset at all times to her and the rest of the cast from venomous, deadly snakes. The experience was certainly a first but set the perfect mood for portraying the character of Laura McAllen, the 31-year-old almost spinster who becomes transplanted to Mississippi after marrying her husband in the 40s. A “fringe” haircut also gave some definition to the character.

The dad of the family doesn't mind being drenched in the sweat of artistic passion on stage. Marcus Mumford and bandmates Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane, and Winston Marshall have been quietly crafting new songs for their fourth album from Mumford and Sons, while “gigging” a stream of shows that would be a grind for some bands.

The band still loves the exhilaration of performing together, and still, loves testing out new songs for an audience. So many Mumford and Sons songs have become fixtures for fans, and the songwriting band realizes they have to create songs that they themselves can enjoy playing for years to come.

In the studio, on the screen, or taking a stroll, Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan are parents who keep family time as a cherished priority.